Courses Offered

Nursing Is The Art Of Caring For Sick People With The Science Of Health Care.The Word Nursing Comes From The Latin Word 'Nutrix' Meaning 'To Nourish Or Cherish'
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Gayathri Educational Academy offers excellent environment and facilities to foster and nurture the best of nursing and Para-medical talent. 

The word nourish means 'to supply' that which is necessary to life. Nursing emerged as a learned profession that is both as a science and as an art which possesses its own body of scientific knowledge. Knowledge is an awareness or perception of reality which is acquired through learning or investigation. Nursing is a process of human interactions between nurse and sick or well. Nurse means a person who is professionally efficient in providing care of the individual sick or well. 

Gayathri Educational Academy is one such institution aimed at attracting students who would like to make the best of this excellent opportunity.  

While imparting the right skills and knowledge is our prime importance, recognition from the concerned bodies of authority is essential. The courses we offer are recognized by Indian Nursing Council [INC] New Delhi and Karnataka Nursing Council [KNC] Bangalore, the main apex bodies for approval of the Course. Basic B.Sc. Nursing program of the academy is also affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS), Bangalore. Apart from the theoretical experience through classroom lectures and lab demonstration Students are also assigned Hospital duties for their practical experience. Students are posted in various departments such as Medical, Surgical, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Maternity, OT, X-RAY, Pathological lab, and other Specialities. Community Health Nursing and Family Welfare works also form part of training. 

We, at Gayathri Educational Academy give a big impetus to usage of English as we recognize the fact that most of the graduating students would seek a future abroad. The medium of instruction therefore is English and experienced Nursing Tutors, Clinical Instructors and Doctors are chosen to give the students a strong foundation in Nursing and Paramedical sciences. Communication is essential to nursing as it is considered as an effective factor for human interaction. In view of the cultural diversity and to avoid language problems among students the Institution has an English department with fulltime English Lecturers. Students are given best English coaching by using state of the art Lingua-phone Technology. In this regard, internal examination is conducted at the end of training and successful candidates, issued certificates.  

Keeping in mind the global demand for nursing and paramedical staff, the academy has its own career guidance programmes which will enable students to have access towards abroad opportunities. In view of the advanced technology and corporatarization of Hospitals, students are given computer coaching for a specified period by experts in the field. In this regard internal computer examination will be conducted at the end of training and certificates issued to the successful candidates. 

We aim at bringing the innate Qualities possessed within each student and develop creative, critical thinking ability within themselves in order to make them highly autonomous and challengeable professionals to meet the changing trends and needs of Globe.